Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Mega SG Compatible with the SG-1000 Library

Analogue's Mega SG
It feels like forever since I last posted to the SG-1000 Junkyard, but it’s not every day we get SG-1000 related news, so here we go.

I’m sure many of you (yes, all three of you reading) have heard of the new FPGA console from Analogue, the Mega SG. Out the box, the Mega SG will support Megadrive/Genesis games from all regions as well as Mega/Sega CD disks for those who still own the original add-on unit. NTSC-U/PAL Master System games are also supported by means of a pack-in cartridge adapter.

Friday, 13 April 2018

SG-1000 vs Dreamcast: the Games that Appeared on Sega's First and Last Consoles

Members of the Dreamcast Junkyard Facebook group may have seen that I recently posed a question to our members; which Sega series appeared on every single Sega console? The short answer is none, but there were a number of games, series and characters that appeared on both the SG-1000 and the Dreamcast, so I had the bright idea of setting up a comparison of sorts for shits and giggles, while also shamelessly plugging our new website.
Lancia Stratos
Lancia Stratos - Safari Race (1984), Sega Rally 2 (1998)
While not one of the starting cars in the original Sega Rally, the Lancia Stratos is famous for being the faster but less wieldy unlockable car in the subsequent Saturn port. As all good Dreamcast fans should know, it graced the cover of Sega Rally 2 in all regions. What's less well known however, is that the car was licensed to a game much, much earlier in Sega's history.
Unfortunately, no rhinos are featured as hazards in Sega Rally 2.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

The SH-400 Handle Controller

The Handle Controller: SH-400. Image courtesy of 'Sega Retro'. 
Last week, one of our readers, Anthony asked if we could expect any articles relating to the SG-1000's many peripherals. In response, I decided to rummage through my closet for the obscure SH-400. Let's take a look!

The SH-400 was released sometime in 1984, marketed as a wheel compatible with the SG-1000 and SC-3000's existing library of racing games. At the bottom of the box, it advertises compatibility with 'Safari Race', 'Zippy Race' and 'Monaco GP', but judging by the box art, it's fairly clear which title Sega's marketing team wanted to push most into the minds of prospective buyers. 

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Quick Review: Champion Soccer

The truth is, a lot of shite was made for Sega's first foray into the console market, and here at the SG-1000 Junkyard, we intend to tell the complete story; the good, the bad and the downright ugly unplayable garbage. So with that said and one of my favourite titles now out of the way (Ninja princess), it's time to take a look at one of the not so great games attached to the SG-1000 name... and when I say "not so good", what mean to say is bloody awful. Let's take a look!

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Seeing Maroon

I've recently brought up the subject of Grandstand Leisure's early cassette software for the SC-3000 home computer in New Zealand, and there is an unusual co-incidence that is worth pointing out.
Addition Tutor, SC-3000 launch title,
New Zealand, 1983

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Quick Review: Ninja Princess

'Ninja Princess', began life as one of Sega's late System 1 arcade games released in 1985. Many of you probably know it better by the name 'Sega Ninja' or 'The Ninja', as it was renamed for western arcades and its Mark III / Sega Master System releases worldwide, respectively. While it would later receive a port to the MSX, the first port of the game was to Sega's very own SG-1000. Let's take a look.
"Ninja Princess"